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Improving Record Management from the Inside Out.
Many of our staff have family members with special needs in government-funded and fee-for-service programs, which gives us a unique appreciation of your challenges and obstacles. 
For over a decade, we’ve worked directly with clinicians, therapists, social workers, administrative people, counsellors, coordinators and executive directors in over 60 not-for-profit community services agencies and Provincial health authorities. The result?
We thoroughly understand your day-to-day workflow, terminology, tools, documentation, and understand the relationships between your staff, the families you serve and the community you live in. We’ve received your services. We understand what you do. And how to make things better for you. 
Smoother workflow. Shared information. Measurable results.
Our community-based solutions are easily customized for specific user groups, with little or no special equipment or IT requirements. There’s no software to install. It’s accessed via a web browser from a PC, Mac or mobile device like an iPad or iPhone. 
Reporting screens are customized to suit your organization. No needless fields. Our open platform allows information to be easily shared between agencies and partners, creating a customized workflow based around the needs of the client and everyone involved in their care. 
We’ve streamlined not just workflow, but outcome reporting. By tracking goals and reporting results, you can examine your service delivery and make improvements where needed.
Automatic upgrades. Shared cooperatively. Free.
We foster close working relationships with our agency partners to ensure effective use of their system and to build new features for their needs as they arise. Whenever a new application or feature is deployed for one agency, it’s simultaneously available to all the others. This unique shared-services approach to software development/deployment is a significant financial and operational advantage for everyone. 
We not only provide software, but also service solutions to ensure you get the most out of the system. We perform a needs analysis to determine the right fit of features/functions for an agency and the various programs you have, then create workflow diagrams for you. Everything you need to make your process more efficient. And your service more effective.
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