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Improving Record Management from the Inside Out.
Our passion is designing Clinical Case Management Software for therapists in community-based healthcare. We’re driven by the desire to make things better for clinicians, therapists and caregivers, so they can spend their time delivering better care to the people they serve. 
Here’s our story: 
We started out in 2000 developing financial cloud-based software for mining and telecommunications companies. But that changed very quickly. By coincidence, each of our four founders had family members with special needs. They watched helplessly as various service providers and administrators struggled with time-consuming software systems that were difficult to use, needlessly repetitive and impossible to share. 
It became clear that community healthcare data systems were technology focused, not service delivery focused. Too much time was wasted at the computer and not enough helping children and families. So they decided to do something about it. By 2004, they were working closely on a solution with the BC Centre for Ability in Vancouver. And the results have been amazing.
The success continues.
Today Nucleus provides cost-efficient web-based solutions for over 30,000 users in community service agencies, child development centres and health authorities across BC, the Yukon and Ontario. We’ve also created specialized solutions for Clinical Assessments, E- Referrals and even Food Banks.
Using our system, everyone who interacts with your clients can be linked together. They can share information securely with each other, as well as report to hospitals and other government agencies. All enabling better delivery of services to children, youth and adults with special needs. 
We’re creating a community of care.
But efficiency is just part of the story. Whenever a new application or feature is created, we make it immediately available to all our clients. This unique shared-services approach is a significant financial and operational advantage. Why? You never have to upgrade your system. We do it for you. Automatically.
It’s what we mean when we say we’re creating a community of care. We cooperate with each other. Sharing each and every new feature so that everyone can benefit. 
OUR MISSION: To provide effective solutions so that more time can be spent with the people you serve and less time on administrative work.
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