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Improving Record Management from the Inside Out.
Here are some of the most common questions we’re asked when talking to our agency partners.
How does your platform work? Answer

Our platform (also referred to as the Electronic Client Record (ECR) System) is an easy-to-use, mature case management solution that has been deployed across a multitude of community service agencies, child development centres and health authorities for programs serving children, youth, adults and families. We also provide solutions for Food Banks.
The ECR System is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution which is hosted remotely and accessed through a web browser (from a computer or supported mobile device).
How do staff access the application? Answer

All staff access the ECR System through a secure website over the Internet. Each user is provided a  unique username and password permitting them access to the system. The system will only accept requests from authorized locations and computers/devices. There is no additional software to install and they can log in from any approved computer/device or location. The ECR System works on a number of computer operating systems and web browsers (i.e. Windows PCs running Firefox, Internet Explorer or Mac Computers running Safari or Firefox, or Linux machines running the Ubuntu operating system). Further, the ECR works on iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices.
Is this a hosted solution? Answer

Our ECR System is offered as a hosted solution, meaning there are no servers, software or special IT (technical) requirements needed to use the system. The system is accessed securely over the Internet using any computer with a standard web browser. Some people may refer to this type of configuration as a "cloud service".
Special Note for Health Authorities: Our ECR System can be hosted on your existing server infrastructure, therefore the application and data reside within your data centre.
What about my existing historical data? Answer

Our staff are experts at data conversion and translation. We can convert your existing client database into a proper, standard health authority format (HL7) and import it into the ECR prior to deployment. This saves valuable time in deployment, as your historical data is intact and ready to use. We have extensive experience translating DRIS, CIMS, HOMES, File Maker Pro, MS Access databases and MS Excel spreadsheets.
What programs does the ECR System currently manage? Answer

The ECR currently manages many programs administered by the Ministry of Children and Family Development, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance, Health Canada, Community Living Ontario and other funders.

Some of the programs currently deployed on the ECR system are:
Infant Development Program
Early Intervention Therapy Program (PT, OT, SLP)
School Aged Therapy Program
Supported Child Development Program
FASD Key Worker Program
CDBC Program
Counseling Service Programs
Public Health & Prevention Programs (ie. Speech)
Community Brain Injury Program for Children and Youth
Autism Programs
Behavioral Intervention Programs
Child and Youth Care Programs
Mental Health Programs
Community Services Programs
Youth Outreach Programs
Child/Adult Respite Programs
Aboriginal Cultural Programs
Preschool Programs
Immunization Tracking
Chronic Disease Management Programs
Adult Vocational & Day Programs
Adult Group Homes & Semi-Independent Living Programs
Pregnancy Outreach and Healthy Baby Programs
Fee for Service Programs (Therapy Services)
Victim Assistance Programs
Sexual Abuse and Prevention Programs
Autism Assessment and CDBC Assessment Programs

How flexible is the ECR to my needs? Answer

We’ve spent a decade working directly with clinicians, counselors and therapists. We understand your individual programs and have built program-specific data collection and reporting into the system. If we encounter a new program, we will work directly with you to devise changes such that the ECR becomes a relevant data collection and reporting tool for your agency.

We have experienced frequent changes to “Funder” reporting requirements and work with our agency clients collectively to deploy new report and data collection changes as soon as possible. We also recognize that not all programs run uniformly across the various regions, therefore changes/adjustments may be needed depending on the regional requirements.
How soon can my agency get started? Answer

We have a systematized and proven approach to performing deployments. We prefer to have as much lead-time as possible when considering a deployment. Please contact us to talk to a representative. 
Where is the client data stored and how is it secured? Answer

The client data is physically stored at multiple commercial data centres in the BC Lower Mainland area and in Toronto, closely monitored and maintained by trained  technical support staff. Our eHealth infrastructure is also secured by various high-end technologies as well as 24/7/365 on-site physical security. All data hosted within our eHealth infrastructure meets or exceeds military-grade encryption standards. 
Is my data backed up? Answer

As part of our disaster recovery plan, each ECR System database is mirrored real-time to an off-site location. We also do a full data backup to Toronto each night. Our detailed and secure backup system has resulted in several Federal Scientific Tax Credits.
Who owns the client data and how do I get a copy? Answer

The client data is 100% owned by the agency/funder and is considered private to your organization. If you require a full copy of your client database, we will (upon written request) provide it within 48 hours.
Is there ongoing support and training for new staff? Answer

We provide ongoing telephone, email and com-box (a proprietary secure communication tool) support. We provide support directly to thousands of users in BC, the Yukon and Ontario from our support department located in Surrey. We offer on-site training, remote training over the phone and the Internet using demos, videos and other training materials.
What is the initial cost? Answer

There is an initial cost for setup and deployment of our ECR System. This modest cost covers licensing, setup, data conversion/transfer, application customization, report creation and training of all end-users. The cost may vary according to the features and functions provided. There is no additional license fees as you add additional users and programs.
Is there a monthly cost? Answer

Yes. As with any hosted solution in the current marketplace, there is an ongoing cost to maintain the client support and technical infrastructure. This cost includes: providing updates to the software platform, direct support to end users, maintaining the eHealth infrastructure (servers and other hardware), handling anti-virus updates, security updates, application change orders, creating new reports and providing solid disaster recovery.

In working with our agency partners, it is commonplace that the efficiencies realized when using the ECR System save considerable time and money, thus redirecting those resources back into the direct services of children and families being served.
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