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Improving Record Management from the Inside Out.
One entry point, one management point, one approval sent to HIS.
Current health program referral processes are cumbersome, time consuming, involving many different people and departments. Everyone faxes paper everywhere and re-enters information manually into various computer systems. It’s redundant and wasteful.
Our system provides one entry point, one referral management point, and once approved, electronically sends the referral directly into the incumbent HIS. No user accounts to manage and it’s simple to use. Referral sources simply enter their email address and fill out the referral form.
The system accepts referrals electronically from various sources via a secure web portal. The portal contains various program forms which are filled out online by the referral source. The system then auto-validates key pieces of information to ensure completeness and accuracy of data entered. Referrals are received by a referral management system (RMS) which provides a triage workflow to verify the referral, its validity and eligibility for the program(s). Fast. Easy. Effective. 
  • Currently communicating with Cerner and PARIS HIS vendor systems.

  • Can receive data streams (HL7 ver 3 messages), processing and assigning them to various referral triage teams with different workflows.

  • Integrated with BizTalk messaging systems.

  • Can push approved referrals into HIS vendor systems directly.
  • Receives referrals from web portal interface or via manual entry.

  • Accepts live streams from incumbent HIS vendor systems including Cerner and PARIS.

  • Manages referrals from various referral sources (e-Referral or other).

  • Processes the validity and eligibility of referrals before sending to intake team.
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