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Improving Record Management from the Inside Out.
All Nucleus solutions work off the same platform. This ensures a common system for data entry across all our agency partners, yet still allows flexibility for customizing agency-specific data collection and distribution. We’re specialists in interface design, so with your input we can create a very efficient, easy to use interactive experience.
The honeycomb of features.
Simplicity means easier customization, lower cost. 
  • Uniformity of data collection and reporting across all programs.

  • Features and functions are easily customized while still adhering to the unified platform standard. 

  • No software to install. Web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS), accessed via a web browser from a PC, Mac or mobile device like an iPad or iPhone. 

  • Low cost to maintain and support.
Co-operatively shared benefits means free upgrades. 
  • We keep evolving and improving the software based on our agency partners’ feedback. 

  • Tweaks to existing features and functions are carried out quickly and regularly.

  • All improvements and new features are simultaneously available to all agencies. This unique shared-services approach to software development/deployment provides significant financial and operational advantages.
Military grade security and privacy protects your data.
Security and privacy of your data is paramount to us. Our highly secure, military-grade and proprietary encryption system allows access only to authorized users. Regular PIA and STRA are performed to ensure platform exceeds government and industry mandates.
  • Each user has a unique username and password, permitting access in a given role.

  • Customizable access roles match the structure of your agency.

  • Secure and safe internal communication system (Com-Box Messaging) allows team members to communicate about a client. 

  • Integrates with Active Directory services for Health Authority environments.
Forensic Audit System ensures bulletproof records.
  • Records all user sessions in the background.

  • Database transactional data is captured, so if a record is modified, you’ll have the before and the after.

  • Allows for quick searching and reporting via staff member or client. 
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