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Improving Record Management from the Inside Out.
A powerful tool in managing clinical pathways for assessing a child.
Designed to work with large government organizations who are tasked in assessing children for complex disabilities such as autism, FASD and substance exposure. 
It manages and streamlines the workflow of many assessment teams and clinical disciplines, each with their own tools and document formats, including intake. It’s ideal for complex assessment scheduling, where interactions with different clinicians need to happen in a specific order, within a specific short time frame. 
Fully integrated with Cerner HIS and PARIS HIS, this solution is currently used by many BC province-wide health programs, including autism assessment, FASD/SE assessment, complex developmental behavioural conditions assessment and the early hearing program.
  • Client workflow and pertinent information is reflected to the team, who collaborate and share findings/info with each other to arrive at an informed clinical diagnosis.

  • Follows through from: Referral - Intake - Scheduling - Assessment - Outcomes - Reporting - Closure & Referral Out – Followup.

  • Online customizable Outcomes tools to record clinical investigations in industry-approved standards.

  • Ability to see a client workflow over a time line to ensure progress is being made within contract standards.

  • Document templates appear at various stages of the workflow to prompt the clinician to record specific information based on client referral stream.
  • Accepts live streams from incumbent HIS vendor systems including Cerner and PARIS.

  • Manage referrals from various referral sources (e-Referral or other).

  • Process the validity and eligibility of referrals before sending to intake team.
  • Scheduling system allows staff to have full visibility and control of clinician schedules to ensure a client is being assessed within a set time frame. Certain staff have access to certain schedules.

  • Automated rescheduling logic auto-suggests how an appointment or series of appointments can be moved to accommodate both a client and a clinician.

  • Clinicians have their own schedule where they can set availability, confirm appointments and record appointment details. 
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