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Improving Record Management from the Inside Out.
Purpose-built records management for clinicians, counselors and caregivers.
Our clients call it the "ECR" - Electronic Client Record System. Designed over many years with direct input from over 60 not-for-profit community services agencies and Provincial health authorities, over 10,000 daily users in BC, the Yukon and Ontario now currently depend on it as a critical case management tool. 
From the very start, our focus has on designing user-friendly systems for collecting useful data with a clear purpose on reporting outcomes. So you can easily quantify how you’re making a difference. Intuitive and simple, it’s not your typical ‘grey screen’ field-filled system. It works the way you do. 
Entering and retrieving information is quick and easy on screens designed around the way you work. With easy access to important information so you can make informed service delivery decisions. Fast.
  • Can be customized to meet your specific program needs while still retaining our platform’s common data collection standards. 

  • Matches your current forms and workflow processes.

  • We work closely with you to match and improve current workflow processes.
  • Multi-disciplinary team can collaborate and communicate securely using the Com-Box messaging system. 

  • Enables the ability to work on a document together.

  • Instantly see what has changed on a client file (eg. one of your peers entered a note).

  • Click on a peer's name and it will auto-generate a com-box message.
Here's One of Our Friendly Screens...
This is a sample screenshot of the summary tab/page.

Features at a Glance;
  • Data collection/management of client files, working notes, document storage, auto-fill templates, staff assignment and daily/group intervention statistics all provide users with highly efficient and easy-to-use tools to record interventions.

  • Multi-disciplinary teams can securely communicate within the system while working with the family.
  • Ability to have your own schedule, share the schedule with team members.

  • View calendars from the perspective of individual staff or by client.

  • Ability to track all areas of your agency and see what is happening.
  • Ability to track goals and record goal attainment through easy-to-use forms, questionnaires and surveys. 

  • Analytical outcome reporting features have proven extremely helpful with the CARF accreditation process.

  • Outcomes reporting helps agencies examine their service delivery models and make informed decisions on how to improve.
  • Organizes client information in compliance with CARF accreditation policies and standards.

  • Provides clear evidence to CARF surveyors that the system is an effective tool to measure and manage client interactions.

  • CARF accreditation surveyors directly assisted in the design, function and reporting of our Outcomes modules.

  • Many agencies have used our solutions to highlight their compliance to CARF accreditation surveyors.
  • Reports are standardized across every clinical program in each Province and/or territory.

  • Monthly and periodic funder reports can be generated with a single click (including BC's MCFD SIRF reports).

  • Reports are dynamic; generate one and then change its sorting, show/hide graphs and manipulate data.

  • Generates caseload reports, waitlist reports, demographic reports, time line of service delivery reports and more.
  • In the background, the forensic audit system records all user sessions.

  • Database transactional data is recorded, so if a record is modified, we have the before and the after.

  • Allows for quick searching and reporting via staff member or client perspective. 
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